Do you even advance podcasting, bro?

Of starts, stops, and the ever changing world of podcasting

It seems like only yesterday I was gung-ho and excited about doing something new in the podcasting space that would make some real, fundamental, and long-lasting change, driving podcasting forward.

But in reality, it was more than a year ago that I set up this newsletter and your expectations. Sorry about that.

A lot of things have changed in podcasting since then. I’d even argue that most of those changes have been or will be for the betterment of podcasting. Some of us played roles in those changes. But it didn’t happen under the Advancing Podcasting banner.

To that end, I’m retiring said Advancing Podcasting banner. For now, at least. I’m still very committed to the cause, but without the bandwidth to wrangle a working group. Hopefully, some organizations that have cropped up in the year since I last sent out a note will have the bandwidth to take a more active role.

In the meantime, we all do what we can. Personally, I’m keeping the flame of making podcasting better over at Podcast Pontifications, my daily short-format podcast that gives you things to think about rather than tell you what to do. Bonus: you can get it right in your inbox via another snazzy Substack newsletter!

Of course, you can always connect with me on Twitter. Sure, I’m on all the other platforms as well. But I’m most active there.

Stay safe. Stay well. And keep on Advancing Podcasting.

- Evo

We believe in making podcasting better, not just easier. Join us?

Announcing the official launch of the Advancing Podcasting Party! No, we’re not running for office. But we are working to make podcasting better. And we need your help!

Here’s what we believe:

  • We believe that technology should make podcasting better, not just easier.

  • We believe that new models are required to bring the 78% of non- and infrequent listeners into the fold.

  • We believe in and respect the inherent choices made by podcast listeners, podcast creators, and podcast enablers.

But talk is cheap, and it’s time for us to start working toward those goals.

Want to join us? We’re looking for talented developers, designers, and others who also share a deep love of podcasting.

We’re not trying to create a new podcast hosting company.

We’re not trying to build a huge unicorn startup that disrupts podcasting as we know it.

We’re going to start with a series of lightweight tools that any working podcaster can use -- with their current setup! -- to make their own podcast better.

Sound interesting? Join us!

In the mean time, tell your friends!

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