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We’re a dedicated collective of podcasters and podcast-enablers who believe that podcasting should be made better, not just easier.

We work together to build lightweight tools and services that sit on top of the tools and services podcasters already use today. We’re not re-inventing the wheel. We’re making a more comfortable ride. (No, we’re not making shock absorbers. The metaphor only goes so far.)

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We know we need help in lots of areas. If you:

  • … believe that technology should make podcasting better, not just easier

  • … believe that new models are required to bring the 78% of non- and infrequent listeners into the fold

  • … believe in and respect the inherent choices made by podcast listeners, podcast creators, and podcast enablers

… and you have a passion for and deep understanding of podcasting as a whole, we’d love to talk to you. For now, email and tell him what you have to offer. We’d love to have you!